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Aggressive And Compassionate

Protect Yourself From Domestic Violence Charges

When someone is accused of domestic violence, the consequences of the accusation can change their life. These charges can put your freedom and reputation on the line, and you need to be sure you are properly defending yourself. Domestic violence charges come in various forms, but no matter the shape they take, you deserve an attorney who can help defend you from them.

I am attorney Melissa Eckstrom. At my offices of Eckstrom Law Firm, PLLC, in Mukilteo and Seattle, I am proud to help clients in need overcome domestic violence charges. I am a Washington attorney who knows how serious these matters are, which is why I offer my clients the respect and compassion they deserve from their attorneys.

How I Fight For You

I work tirelessly to defend my clients from these serious charges. I stop at nothing to explore all avenues of defending my clients, and I have successfully aided clients in cases involving:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Control and isolation (forcing someone to remain alone or behave in a certain manner)
  • Verbal manipulation
  • Financial abuse
  • Stalking

It is my goal to secure the best possible outcome from charges that threaten you or your family. Regardless of the details of your charges, allow me to step in and be your advocate. I can act on your behalf to reduce the emotional strain of gaining the security you deserve in your life.

Now Is The Time To Seek A Lawyer

If you are facing domestic violence charges, or think you soon will be, it is critical to seek legal counsel from an attorney you can trust as soon as possible. Contact my office today to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss how I can help you. Call me at 425-366-8422 or email me here. I look forward to helping you.